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Unit Test Retake  

This Friday, students will be retaking their World War One and Two test this Friday. A tutoring session will be held after school on Thursday to help students review for this test, and any other material we covered this year.

Unit Test Approaching  

There is a unit test scheduled for Thursday, April 10th. This test will cover the information we learned about World War One and World War Two. Next week during class, we will be spending time reviewing and going over material. This is the first grade that will be entered in the final nine weeks of the school year. Make sure you get off the a good start!

Research Project  

Due to the weather and a large number of student groups that were not prepared for todays due date, the project and all it's requirements are going to be due tomorrow (2/14/14). There will be no exceptions to this. No late work will be accepted and there will be no opportunity to make this up. Students have been aware of this project and have had everything they need to complete this group project for over two weeks. Students will begin their presentations tomorrow. If a student is absent the day their group is scheduled to present, I need a note/email from a parent/guardian or doctor excusing the student from class.

Due Date for Project Set!!! February 13th, 2014  

Due the the large amounts of inclimate weather, the due date for the Imperialism Research Project has been pushed back. All requirements of the project are due this Thursday, February 13th, 2014. All of the requirements and grading rubric are posted on my website under the forms tab.

Flip Classroom Coming Soon  

To incorporate more technology into our classrooms, in the near future I will start to "Flip" my classroom. Flipping a classroom simply means that I will video tape myself while teaching the class and will post that video on my website. This allows students to access lectures and review session at home to help them on any assignments and keep students caught up if they missed school on that day.