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Behavior Management   


     Behavior Management Plan Traci Marshburn 6th Grade Teacher


       A safe and collaborative learning environment is required for student success.


Students in my classroom will be asked to follow ALL school regulations along with these classroom rules. Students who follow the rules will be rewarded with extra privileges and BARK bucks.


  Laws to Learn By


1.     At all times, be respectful to teachers and one another. Follow directions.


2.     Follow directions.


3.     Always come to class prepared.


      4.  Keep a positive attitude.


                5.  Have permission to be out of your seat.


      6. Take pride in yourself and your work.


                7.  Raise your hand for questions and WAIT to be called upon.




I use a simulated traffic light to guide students’ classroom behavior.


Red: Students must have permission to talk or be out of their assigned seat.


Yellow:  Students may use whisper voices but must have permission to leave their seats.


Green:   Controlled talking and movement is permitted.




DMS follows the PBIS behavior program and utilizes Conduct Cards that allow students to accumulate points which can be used to earn BARK bucks.  These tokens can be used to purchase items or special student privileges. Students need their card in every class.


CONDUCT CARDS are VERY IMPORTANT and are used as a student’s HALL PASS. If a student loses their card and requires a replacement they will lose the points they had earned for the week up to that point. Students can receive a mark on their conduct card for not following school regulations. Points can be taken for dress code violations, insubordination, and failure to follow the established rules for Lunch/Cafeteria Time.




Students will have a complete review of all rules and procedures during the first week of instruction and will be required to download a copy of the DMS Student Handbook from the school website to their 1:1 laptop.




Consequences for not following the school or classroom rules:


1.Students who exhibit inappropriate behaviors will first receive a verbal redirection.


2. If a student continues with the behavior the PBIS procedures will be followed. This includes students having their conduct card marked and loosing points. It can also result in students being relocated, silent lunch periods, missing out on activities or other teacher determined consequences.






This will help us as we diligently attempt to maintain the beauty of our buildings and our campus.


Grading Policy  

Greetings DMS Parents and Students,

I would like to welcome all students to 6th Grade at DMS and to my Social Studies class. This is an exciting year for all of us as we start the school year in our beautiful, new building.

Students will be reviewing school policies and procedures in the student handbook the first few days of school. I would like to make sure that both students and parents are aware of a few VERY important regulations right away. 

1. Students are encouraged to carry a water bottle to class but the container must be transparent and filled with only plain water. Only water will be allowed outside of the cafeteria.

2.  All students are required to wear shoes with a back or a back-strap. This is a state safety regulation and NO flipflops or slides will be allowed.

3. There will be NO student cellphone usage during the school day. Personal technology will not be necessary because all students will have a 1:1 laptop provided.

The Sixth Grade Social Studies Curriculum explores Ancient Cultures existing prior to 1500 A.D. with a focus on The Five Themes of Geography.  I would like to explain my expectations and grading policy for the class.

Grading Policy for 6th Grade Social Studies Marshburn

Student Participation / Engagement in Classroom Learning

(Class discussion, group participation, etc.…)


Announced Cumulative Unit Tests


Quizzes (Pop Quiz, Video Questions)


Online Notebook Grade (Completion of daily activities, Vocabulary assignments, Ticket Out, Reflections)


Classroom Assignments

Any Guided Practice/ Independent/Collaborative Work




Students will be evaluated on different aspects of their classroom performance.  Students will be using an online OneNote Notebook as a major part of our daily instruction. The Notebook will be where students receive information, assignments, communicate and can collaborate on digital projects. Using the Notebook will give them the ability to communicate with me and their peers. Students should complete certain daily activities (To Do, Ticket Out, Reflection) in the notebook which will count toward their Notebook grade. Students will have access to the OneNote online daily planner, message board and assignments in their Class Notebook. If a student is absent they are responsible for making up any missed classwork. Students should check the Class Message Board for any missed work. I do NOT offer additional extra credit work to bring up a student’s grade but I do offer students the opportunity to do CORRECTIONS to failed classwork assignments to improve their grade to a maximum of 85.  I look forward to working with your student this year as together we explore the ancient past using the technology of today.


Mrs. Traci Marshburn (Room 218)