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DMS Behavior Matrix






Future Leader


Stay in your seat unless given other directions and keep pathways clear

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Keep all chair legs on the floor

Silent during all drills

Wait for your turn to speak

Respect others opinions

Listen while teacher is speaking

Cooperate and collaborate with others respectfully

Follow teacher rules for technology use

Complete tasks and assignments

Come prepared and ready for class

Ask for help when needed

Keep up with your property

Return items borrowed

Use materials appropriately


Give your best effort

Offer assistance to others

Be a problem-solver

Contribute positively to class learning

Take responsibility for learning

Use proper technology etiquette


And Transition

Walk on the right

Always use hallway passes

Keep hallways clean and clear

Travel hallways calmly

Respect others personal space

Quiet for other's learning

Open doors for others

No hats or hoodies

No technology use in hallways

Go straight to destination

Get there on time

Follow teacher directions and school rules at all times

Be courteous and polite

Respect property

Always ask permission first

Make good choices


Avoid horseplay

Do not overcrowd

Use facilities properly

Allow for other's privacy

Clean up after yourself

Wait your turn patiently

Use in a timely manner - No technology

Treat restroom with care

Have permission and use pass

Look out for other's safety

Report misuse or misbehavior

Assist with cleanup


Enter and line up calmly and orderly

Keep all food and items to yourself

Do not share or trade food or drink

Use indoor voice

Keep a clean area

Get needed items the first time

Have lunch number ready

Follow teacher direction first time

Eat and drink using good manners

Eat and speak politely

Assist with positive atmosphere

Do not abuse technology privileges

Physical Activity/


Keep hands and feet to yourself

Don't play aggressively

Be aware of your surroundings

Be fair

Share the equipment

Respect other's property

Use equipment properly

Return items to proper place

Listen and follow adult directions

Participate to be healthy

Include others

Model good sportsmanship

Media Center

Have hallway media pass

Watch out for others

Sign in at circulation desk upon arrival

Use polite "inside" voice

Find books in a timely manner

Allow others to work without interruption

Treat library materials nicely Return materials on time

Use school appropriate sites

Do not use library for visiting

Follow procedures without reminders

Use technology for school assignments not social agendas


Stay in your seat and face forward

Keep your body to yourself

Do not throw objects

Keep feet out of aisle

Enter and exit the bus orderly

Share limited space

Use indoor voice and speak nicely

Keep opinions of others to yourself

Use kind words towards others and respect younger students

Keep bus clean

Follow bus rules and driver direction

Sit in assigned seat

Ask for a new seat if there are problems

Use technology only with bus driver approval

Model positive communication

Stand up against bullying and report

Don't be the problem

Offer to assist the bus driver

Remember bus rides are part of school